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"I went to Marlene’s practice as I was feeling very low due to work issues and family illness. I had totally lost my sense of my own worth and well being. In short, I was totally drained. I couldn't focus and I needed to get back to being me.

I wasn't sure what to expect by seeing an Energy Healer, but I thought I'd give it a go as nothing was really helping me.

Marlene was so very different from the so-called therapists you often meet and her treatment room was warm and welcoming. She was totally normal so it was easy to relax and unwind with her. It was amazing what she picked up on and without me telling her much!

Slowly over four sessions, I started to feel better; my energy levels were higher and people started to comment on how much better I looked and I was happier in myself.

Opening up to Marlene is like speaking to an old friend, so finding your way back to you is far easier. You may even have some fun doing it. I often left the session having had a good old chuckle!!

This industry "the spiritual arena" do have their charlatans and it's lovely to finally meet someone with a genuine gift whose purpose is to help you with whatever is impacting your ability to function in the way you should.

I will definitely go back for visits when other actions/life, in general, has depleted my energy. I left it far too long before, but then I didn't know Marlene!

Give it a go you will only feel better!" Sue

"Marlene has an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter, to help you realise your truth and gain deeper insight into your feelings and your sense of self. She is deeply intuitive, warm and caring." Kelly

"I can't recommend Marlene highly enough - she is an exceptional human being, deeply intelligent yet kind and generous of heart with extraordinary psychic powers and spiritual connection. Having lost myself within an unfulfilling marriage and motherhood, I left her sessions feeling absolutely astonished and in awe of what she was able to tell me. She opened my eyes to where the real root of my problems lay and guided me to find a solution generated from within myself. By helping me restore my core inner strength again I have become immune to the kind of negative influences that used to easily wear me down. Thanks to Marlene's spiritual guidance, I am stronger, happier and back in touch with my true self - and my family is much happier too!!" Ursula

"I was completely blown away by Marlene's incredible healing and intuitive talent. She helped me make sense of my entire life after only one session. Her strong guidance and healing ability has helped me say goodbye to blocks from my past and given me the strength to welcome the future. I wish for everyone who needs healing to see Marlene. I'm so grateful for her. A real gem!!" Robyn

"Before my first session I was not sure what to expect but went open minded to try something different. I am so pleased I let my curiosity take me down this route as have enjoyed every second I have spent in Marlene's company. She has this amazing ability of connecting, listening and working with what I can only describe as 'her magic'. The session starts with me telling my story. Marlene is not a counsellor but she is amazingly skilled and through the conversation, she unfolds key issues which I have not realised or understood before. Although the topic can be serious the atmosphere is light hearted and can even involve laughter. Once Marlene establishes which areas need healing she works either with crystals or light touch whilst I relax on her couch. I am not exactly sure what happens during the treatment but I always finish feeling energised and empowered. The session does not end there though. Marlene follows up the face-to-face session with an email full of relevant info specific to what was raised during the therapy. If you want to experience energy healing at its best, then I 100% recommend Marlene." Emma, General Practitioner

"I had the great pleasure of studying reflexology with Marlene and can say her treatment is still the best treatment I have received to date. I felt, noticed, something different about the treatment from previous ones as I went into a much deeper almost trance-like state.

After the treatment when I came back round from my blissful peace of mind Marlene explained she had combined healing with the reflexology and I decided to have a full treatment of energy healing.

I went to Marlene’s practice in St Albans and although I trusted Marlene and felt very comfortable in her company and vast knowledge in the spirit, healing and holistic world, there was still a little anxiousness and excitement of the unknown. Within minutes my mind was put to rest, Marlene’s energy was infectious and calming, she explained the process and how it would take place. We started with some card readings and the information received was spookily accurate regarding the people and situations in my life.

Once the healing session began I was completely open to allowing all negative, unwanted and guilty emotions to be released and for Marlene to rebalance my chakras and cleanse my energy field by using various crystals and white sage. After the treatment, I picked more cards and we discussed the meanings ……again it could not be more in alignment with my life at that time. Although parts of the treatment are for my personal experience and private to me I can honestly say that Marlene definitely has a gift, her manner and intuition are commendable it brought a lot to the surface and for this, I could not be more grateful. I could write an awful lot more about my energy healing experience with Marlene.

The energy healing session itself is very kind and peaceful I felt very well looked after almost like I was in a huge bubble of love, protection and warmth all together, despite parts of me that were being exposed more than ever before that were painful seemed easier and ok to face…..I felt safe and in a place of tranquillity however on a super high! I felt completely at ease for days afterwards.

However, Marlene gave me some simple tips on how to protect my energy and my own thoughts, with little practices before bed and when I woke up which I use regularly to help me with my expansion and understanding. I would highly recommend that you find out for yourselves and experience something I believe everybody should, we are magical souls and getting in tune with yourself, for me, is the greatest feeling of peace, love and freedom. Energy healing has most certainly been one of the nicest & effective things I have done for myself. I am pretty sure I was also very lucky to have Marlene come into my life ……. The stars were aligned and I am very grateful. Healing will be a part of me and my future life." Clare, Advertising

"Marlene is fantastic! She's a very personable person and it's easy to relax around her. I was intrigued by her healing qualifications so decided to give that a go as I had never actually had any healing done before, except for the odd Reiki treatment. Marlene's healing was beyond amazing! The way Marlene can connect with you and your energies is astounding. This woman has a mind-blowing gift. She's a natural healer but also brings in her intuition and psychic ability. I very quickly found myself going back for a second healing - she was that good. Everything just made sense! The freedom she created within me (and indeed within my energy field) was surprisingly powerful. I actually can't recommend her enough - everyone has to give this a go. You'll be walking on air afterwards. Marlene is funny, down to earth, honest, selfless and incredibly caring. I haven't stopped talking about Marlene to my friends since my first treatment and she is very much my 'go to' person when I need help with something. On top of that, because I'd loved everything she had done so far, I then also attended one of her 1-day workshops. Met some great people, had a fantastic day and learned a lot. Thank you so much, Marlene! You've got a customer for life!"Marie

"I want to say a huge thank you to Marlene for changing my life. Marlene has freed me from all the heavy, negative energy that has surrounded me and held me back all my life. After seeing Marlene for 2 sessions of energy healing and reflexology I have moved into lighter, higher energy and literally feel reborn.

Not only has Marlene helped me but has also helped all those around me to discover their own issues too. I wish I had met Marlene many years ago, but now I can look forward to enjoying this higher energy vibration and attracting higher vibrational energy to me rather than having the ball and chain that I have been dragging with me for years. I cannot recommend Marlene enough as she gives clarity and understanding on somewhat complex issues and situations and sets you free!" Angela

"I knew of Marlene’s work several years ago via a mutual friend, who knew I had also trained in reflexology and reiki, although my professional life had been spent in as a scientist in the field of diagnostic medical microbiology.

As a therapist, one can only go so far in helping/healing oneself and I had reached that point and arranged to see Marlene. We had an immediate rapport and our discussions have been deep and wide-ranging.

Following initial reflexology treatment with her, I experienced a marked shift in energy and was prompted to take my first real holiday in years! Returning spiritually refreshed and motivated, I had several healing sessions, which gradually exposed deeply suppressed emotional baggage. As we worked together, the sessions eventually culminated in a cathartic experience. Since then I have been led to consider new fields of occupation allied to my original profession; this is a work in progress.

Marlene is an empathetic facilitator of the healing journey, patient and encouraging, but not adverse to drawing one back to the chosen path when one strays towards procrastination!

Her support is valued and I hope my association with her will continue even when I have achieved the goal that has been set for this part of my journey."
Celia, Microbiologist

"Marlene is a rare find. Marlene combines good old-fashioned professionalism with world-class skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. In her sessions, there is no airy-fairy mucking around, just good listening and deep understanding. Marlene is somehow able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different. Most energy workers create a temporary shift. Marlene has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them. I recognise Marlene as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust her. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has helped me to bring into my life." Sharilyn

"Thank you so much for our healing sessions. You really came along at a time when I needed spiritual guidance and healing the most. You're a kind and gifted healer and I wish you all the best on your path." PK

“Marlene was fantastic! I trust her completely and her calm and joyous demeanour allowed me to let go of my negative thoughts and just focus on all the positives in my life. When I began the healing process I was dealing with serious anger issues. It was a gradual process, but I realised that by my final healing session I could put my anger “in a box” and control IT rather than allowing it to control me. I always left the session feeling joy and light coursing through my being. I have learnt how to reconnect with these feelings during my everyday life.”KP

"Before meeting Marlene I'd struggled with my mind for over 10 years. I'd had some counselling, tried medication and been put in front of a psychiatrist but nothing really stuck and I was convinced I'd always be a little bit 'mad' and a little bit 'sad'. In the middle of 2016 I really hit a low point. Although I was doing my dream job and I liked the work, the environment and the people were slowly driving me into a deep depression and I piled on weight, became really angry, and I wasn't very nice to be around. I was permanently on edge too, and spent most of my time thinking about the worst case scenario for everything. It was exhausting and my brain, although it's always been active, had never been so noisy.

In the summer of 2016, I started taking anti-depressants and these helped to level me out and allow me to sleep and function better, but I was still treating my emotions and feelings with food, booze and spending money on things I didn't need. In short, I was behaving in extremes. From unhealthy relationships and crazy fitness and diet regimes that couldn't last, to going out and spending hundreds of pounds on a night out, or eating several packets of biscuits, I felt completely out of control, which was perpetuating my anxiety.

Eventually, I began to feel like I was becoming dependent on my medication to feel level and that was something I really didn't want. Work was getting worse and worse by the day, and my Mum started to notice changes in my mood and behaviour when I had forgotten to take my medication. Both of us were really concerned by this and I realised I had hit rock bottom and something had to change.

I was recommended Marlene by a friend of my Mum's and I have to admit I was initially skeptical. I like things that make sense, my brain loves an explanation and I assumed that energy healing would be rooted in the mystical, but I was willing to give it a go. I was willing to give ANYTHING a go! I was also really nervous because previous counselling experiences were actually quite harrowing and often left me feeling worse. However, the minute I met Marlene I immediately felt calm and knew I was in the right place. We had an instant connection and she seemed to know exactly how to communicate with me to make me feel comfortable and make sense of my noisy brain.

In traditional counselling, I've always found that you spew your feelings out and go home, whereas Marlene listened to me and helped me to understand WHY I was feeling the way I felt. As I suspected, the majority of my issues were rooted in my self-esteem and self-worth.

After two sessions I had the clarity and the confidence to look at my life and see what had to change. I plucked up the courage to quit my toxic job with no further employment to go to and I had an instant sense of calm.

Without that weight of negativity blocking me, Marlene and I were able to work on some of my other issues, things that have always been a problem for me, and she helped me to make sense of why I was feeling the way I did about certain things. She gave me the tools to continue working on these issues myself as they are now no longer a problem day-to-day. Things that I had found challenging before, like family events, overthinking non-issues, and feeling inadequate were suddenly easy to navigate.

Leaving Marlene's is totally different to leaving a counselling or psychiatry session. I can't quite put it into words, but the sense of calm one feels is incredible. In particular, the feeling of the ability to push away other peoples' negativity was really helpful to me. I'm an empath and my own energy had been clouded by that of so many others, now I'm able to push their negativity away and focus on myself.

A couple of months and four sessions on, I have a new, much better job and am writing this testimonial from a holiday in New Zealand where I am travelling around on my own for three weeks. Yes, I have the odd wobble but I now have the tools to reason myself out of it, and, failing that, Marlene is at the end of the phone or an email.

I am struggling to put into words just how valuable my experience with Marlene has been, but, without wanting to sound hyperbolic, because I truly mean every word of this, she has changed my life. I now understand how it feels to be calm and content and also grounded, which I don't think I have ever felt before. In fact, I've had several groups of friends approach me and say that they 'didn't want to say' but they had been worried about me and I 'wasn't myself' and they were (without knowing I had been having healings) so pleased to see me looking so much happier and healthier.

If you're ready to feel better, or change and you're willing to work at it, I really can't recommend any service more than energy healing, and anyone more than Marlene."
Danni, Editor

"I’ve had a succession of energy healing and reflexology treatments with Marlene for a few months now, after hearing how amazing she is through a work colleague. I found Marlene’s professionalism, empathetic nature (and her humour!) were additional qualities to her excellent and intuitive treatments. I feel so much more balanced and ready to face the world when I’ve seen her.” Alison

"I wanted to thank you, Marlene, for Saturday, it really was an unbelievable experience and I'm still so energised from it, almost like I am the master of what's going on now in my life. The imagery was so intense, I really was ready for it. You are so wonderful you have no idea!"xxx Sam

"Marlene is a born healer and very gifted intuitive. I was amazed at how powerful healing can be. I felt safe and contained with her. She has helped me through a terribly sad time and helped me to accept myself and believe in a positive future. The healing was a turning point in my recovery. Thank you Marlene." Caroline

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