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What is Energy Healing?

Scientists now know that everything is energy. The varying vibrations dictate what form that energy takes. We have various energy fields within and around the body, aside from the energy that makes up the physical body. When there is negative energy within those energy fields, it will disrupt the normal healthy flow of energy in and around the body. This, in turn, will then disrupt the energy that makes up the physical, mental and emotional body and can even manifest physically as “dis-ease”.

Energy fields, including chakras and auras are vital to the health and wellbeing of every individual.

Thoughts, feelings and memories are energy too. And these energies exist throughout the body. This is how we can have a Past Life memory. It is not stored in the brain but is rather part of the energy field that makes up the soul.

So negative memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings will exist as a different frequency within and around our bodies.

Energy healing is about clearing this negativity to enable a normal healthy flow and vibration throughout our energy fields and works to redress the imbalances to put us back in equilibrium. It is an holistic, non-invasive approach that has the intention of restoring balance and harmony to your energy field. This is achieved by tracing symptoms back to their energetic cause within the ethereal body that has been weakened by varying factors such as: electromagnetic pollution, poor diet, illness, abuse and karmic patterning, just to name a few.

Energy Healing involves the channeling of healing energy through the hands of the healer to the client when they are either lying down or seated. It can be given directly through contact by gentle touch or from a short distance off the body working within the subtle energy field. The client remains fully clothed.

The body’s energy field is rebalanced through the chakras and the healing energy is then distributed throughout the body via the aura and the meridians, stimulating the body’s natural healing response to facilitate growth and self-awareness.


For centuries the ancient wisdom keepers and healers in several traditions had a keen understanding of the energetic body. The healing traditions from China, India, Japan and Tibet, as well as other countries all spoke of energy channels, meridians or nadis along which the vital energy flowed.

Life was considered to be a bio-electrical and vibrational energy phenomenon and so health revolved around balancing energy through various means. Life existed because of life force and energy running through and animating the body, ensuring we can move, breathe, digest food, think and even feel.

Healing traditions all spoke of energy channels, meridians or Nadis.Healing traditions all spoke of energy channels, meridians or nadis.

Energy channels

This vital life force or chi, is composed of two kinds of forces, yin and yang, and flows along a sophisticated network of energy pathways, or highways, circuiting the body. Over 2000 years ago ancient cultures knew of the existence of these energy channels. They were called ‘sen’ in Thailand, ‘nadis’ in India, ‘meridians’, ‘channels’ or ‘vessels’ in China and Japan, and ‘channels’ in Tibet. In India, where many eastern healing arts developed, there were said to be 72 000 nadis or energy pathways. Disease is believed to be a blockage in the energy flow of these channels. A range of healing traditions, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage and yoga, are founded on the principle of the existence of energy channels or pathways, known as meridians, or nadis, running around the body in an expansive network.

While it may seem a little airy fairy to some to consider the energy body while we have flesh and bone, at source we are an energy field, embedded into another energy field. Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature and science has measured these frequencies with advanced machines, like EKG’s and MRI scanning, for many years. Numerous studies demonstrate these energy pathways and points conduct electricity even when needles aren’t used. And the massage technique of Shiatsu have been found to stimulate the same energetic effects. Similarly, Qigong, Tai Chi and the postures of yoga, have been found to increase electrical conductance at acupoints, yet science never believed in the existence of meridians until now.

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The positive effects of Energy Healing

Whilst receiving healing the client may feel a change in temperature, tingling sensations and a feeling of relaxation or emotional release. These are often indicators that the energy transfer is taking place. However, there are times when nothing is felt during the session yet the benefits of the healing is appreciated retrospectively.

The restored balance can be expressed in an enhanced sense of peacefulness, reduced stress, more restful sleep, positive acceptance, new insights into your life’s direction as a result of releasing energy patterns that are no longer serving you.

The healing effects can continue for some time afterwards, as energy and consciousness integrate and improve limiting mind-sets, that in turn helps you to consciously make life choices that are positive for your overall wellbeing.

Energy and Crystal Healing respects all belief systems, religions, race and cultures. No specific belief is necessary as it crosses man-made divides and is available for all those who seek it.

How does crystal healing therapy work?

Crystal healing is based on the premise that crystals can balance and interact with the Chakras (energy centres) which are connected to the aura (energies flowing around our body). Every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges or ‘healing vibrations’ interact with the body’s Chakras to remove energy blocks and restore a healthy energy flow throughout the body.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural process. When using crystals for healing, their energy actually blends with the client’s energy, therefore transmuting and/or amplifying their vibration frequency or the energy within their body. Crystals help to re-balance and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

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What to expect during an Energy and/or Crystal Healing session

During a healing session, there may be cleansing of seven layers of your aura, chakras and deep cleansing of organs, removal of unhealthy cords and connections, aura clearing, chakra balancing and grounding.

Most people can feel the movement of energy - some more than the others. Even if you don't feel it, rest assured, the energy healing is still working.

It is suggested that you wear loose and comfortable clothes for your healing session.

During your treatment you will lie down on a therapy couch, fully clothed with only your shoes removed and I will either place my hands lightly over the chakra points of the body or using a light touch. The session itself will last approximately 1.5hrs.

Energy and/or Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and will not conflict with conventional medicine. However, it is not a substitute, therefore, medical advice should be sought from your GP in conjunction with this treatment where it is deemed applicable.

What are psychic cords (aka spiritual cords)

"When we have fear-based attachments to a person or an object, we form spiritual cords to keep the person or object from leaving or changing. These cords look like surgical tubing and they grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other long time, intense relationships.

The cords are hollow tubes, and energy runs back and forth between the attached persons. These are fear-based cords, which are always unhealthy and based upon dysfunction. They have nothing to do with the love or the healthy part of the relationship. Cord cutting isn’t abandoning or divorcing a person; it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship.

Let’s say that you have a cord attached to friend or relative who’s feeling depressed or needy. That person will begin draining energy from you, like siphoning fuel at a gas station. You’ll feel tired without knowing why. No amount of caffeine, exercise or sleep will be able to revive your energy if the source is etheric-cord draining.”
Doreen Virtue

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Energy Healing can help cut the cords

Energy healing intuitively knows where to go in order to help with cord cutting. Most clients feel an improvement after just one session, however, some clients may require a couple of sessions to clear more resilient cords.

The process of cord cutting is based on the premise that energetic cords are activated in all types of relationships that don't have to end. Once the cord has been cut, healing is given and allows for new beginnings - instead of being trapped in the past.

No cord is meant to be forever. Whether cords reform again is entirely up to us; if the ties between the two of you are particularly strong, you may find that the cords reconnect themselves and require another session. However, from my experience when we are ready to let someone go, by setting the intention, we tend to do all that we can in not reforming any further psychic cords with the individual.

Once the cord has been cut you can expect to find your mind no longer dwells upon the person as the psychic attachment has been dissolved. Your mind is quieter, calmer and it's like cleaning out a closet - all those old emotions associated with that person dissolve as the communication between you ends. You now have extra space in your mind to fill with something better, and you will certainly be clearer in intent.

Depending on the relationship you have with this person cord cutting will be either an emotional or uplifting experience. However, whatever the relationship, it will be liberating and you will feel energised.

During a chakra balancing and/or a cord cutting session, clients lie fully clothed on a massage table and the energy flows through the practitioner into the chakras of the client.

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